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Comic Artist / Illustrator - Ewelina Galla


Ewelina is a tall creature that loves to draw, mostly comics and illustrations. Fights the nature of reality with her pens and digital tablet. Travels a lot by her creaky bike, loves nature and still keeps on making art thanks to this Moomin quote “Get up and create, darling. It’s eight o’clock.” She hides under the name of Galschka on the internet where she posts all of her artwork. Currently she’s studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She also works as a storyboard artist and art teacher. You can follow her on:

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Eternal revolutionary / Writer / Artist / Dreamer - Patrick Phillips


"In my heart I'm not a story-teller but a dreamer. And my dream this century is to continue the dreams of others which have either been muted, disregarded or treated as unessential."

Born in Truro in 1984 and brought up in Lancashire. Patrick now lives and works in a mountain village in Scotland. He is the founder of Eternal Mountain tour guide (representative of nature herself) based in Killin. In 2003 he attended Huddersfield Technical College and studied BTEC First in Performing Arts. Since graduating he decided to abandon acting to begin a life off-stage, writing musicals (TiE). He is also an occasional lyricist-librettist and successfully wrote in 2015 the lyrics for the song Man Of The Mountains for a new musical Out Of Place at the York New Musical Festival. His latest book, Eternal Mountain: Essays from Afar was published in the summer.