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Rediscover and Discover: What Is Your Ontological Destiny?

Inspiration: Make the connection between the presence of a tour guide, Nature and yourself as your own ontological destiny in the world.

When we take someone for a tour, we are not just taking them on a tour to be in the presence of Nature, you are also taking them on a tour through the unique presence of yourself. You are very much part of the ethical experience. There is an essence within you waiting to be revealed and presented to the world. It is fundamentally, a collaboration between you and Nature and those you guide. Sense and enjoy the interaction...what do you notice?

Your presence is not just a question of your image (from a fashion perspective) but instead your being in the here and now with them - an eternal presence. Presence is everything. Nature exemplifies this over and over, every day for us. Another example for self practice, are you being courteous during a tour? Are you being patient? Are you talking too much? Are you allowing enough space to come into your tours? Are you remembering at all times, that the tour is about them and their place in Nature?

Our aim should always be for a more loving presence towards ourselves and everyone around us. There, you will find something (and therefore a connection), as the beginning of your own ontological destiny.

Today the world is changing...and its changing fast. But before you interpret the ‘world is changing fast’ as a prompt for fear, recognise that the world is in fact returning to something of a more ethical world, an essential planet to our becoming and therefore being in the world. Point is this...rather than to resist, let us go with it. Rise to the challenge. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be your essential and eternal self.

Beyond Ecotourism

Our ontological destiny is not resigned to a business purpose within the human economy, fundamentally instead in our daily exchanges (and gestures) a proposal for a new way of being, which is once again to be your essential self, the eternal you.

Everyday interactions with people are all contributing to your unique presence in the world (whether bad or good in experience). Have faith.

For example, I often find myself taking a stranger on a tour without realising, I'm not looking for payment nor an acknowledgment (you have already been rewarded). You see, the more we improve the experience of life for another, the greater the world will become today and tomorrow. Never underestimate your own power not only in the here and now but within your own community; enhancing your own ontology and therefore community social proximity.

Furthermore, your ontological destiny isn't always defined nor destined to that of a human connection. It can essentially be through your connection with Nature or both. Once again, we spread like a sower, the essence of our being around us, each day and every day. Notice, how this will improve an intimate relationship, friendships and family interaction. Let us bring back the sacred into our everyday interactions and connections with other people (not only when we are just on a tour).

What will my ontological destiny lead me to? Ontological unity. The very reason you are here and want to be.

And if you want to go further, make it your daily focus for everyone else to achieve their unity too. This of course is the journey of life, it doesn't happen overnight. Therefore, let your ontological destiny be the focus of your being. Once again, becoming each day your unique, essential and eternal presence in the world. Once achieved, notice how more and more of your eternal self grows and grows; having an ever greater and powerful presence.


Destiny is in our being, presence.

Let that be our new daily focus...

Meaning of Ontology:

I refer human 'ontology' to be less about the investigation of our being, instead to be more about the essence of our being. More essence we reveal, the more we exist. Only your experience of Nature and today's global socio-economic model can testify a real quality of life (one that is at least sustainable) as we attempt to move away from a consumer-based society.

Patrick Phillips (C) 2021

I would like to thank Dr. David Richo PhD, MFT a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop leader, and writer who works in Santa Barbara and San Francisco California for his inspiration to write this article. You can visit his website here.

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