• Patrick Phillips

Poem: Blue Snow


Mountains are sleeping

changing colour when we are asleep, blue

snow is falling or is it rising?

Snow blue

mirroring that blue sky from daylight

blue mountain, blue snow, blue eyes

sunset never happened?

winter isn't here

blue represents eternity itself

mountain is the container of time, hence their magnificence

autumn leaves now soil

spring buds are coming...

what surrounds me is a body, an eternal body

more than function, more than appearance, more than...


Conifer plantations are eating away at us

no access to land, no healthy food

no healthy mind, body and soul

Supermarket survives better than the village

we can walk the land, pastures and mountains

but no chance of cultivating...

the full spectrum of what life has to offer

do I awake or go back to sleep?

Taken with my camera phone at 07:56am (the lack of camera quality has turned it into a painting almost) like a dream

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