Where Humanity meets Nature


Eternal Mountain is about more than a historical tour guide of Breadalbane, rather from a sustainable-perspective, I put nature first at the heart of our local economy today. Therefore, I see being an eco-tour guide as the beginning of that process and as a way to inspire others. Bringing together history, people from all over the world that come to visit and most essentially in the realisation of their part in nature too. It is also about having a renewed appreciation of nature, rather than the dogmatic perspective of seeing nature at 'our disposal' and as a way to exploit; serving only our needs. Crucially, it is also about remembering that nature supports all forms of life, each life being essential to the other. And, importantly, recognising that the climate crisis is not going to go away – it will remain an issue for some time, until we take real action.

​Being an eco-tour guide is therefore in many ways an ethical statement, not just about putting nature first, but also about the opportunity to create ethical job roles within our communities, that are low-carbon and therefore less damaging to our planet. This, I believe, is the future of humanity if we are really going to survive and it represents the serious need for a universal basic income for everyone, who like myself, living in a rural and remote location, does not have a monopoly in today's markets. Neo-liberalism has no place in a village, representing instead social inequality and collapse for nature. Eco-tourism therefore is a way of embracing the challenge of today’s human ontological crisis. If we are prepared to put nature first at the heart of our local economy, we can contribute to our well-being and that of visitors. Overall, I offer a rich and deep experience of nature. Only our local history can truly ground us, keeping the human imagination alive and well, helping us to look towards a future with continued and renewed hope.

Serving the Community: Local Economy

Eternal Mountain is fundamentally also about the sustainability of the village. Therefore, 10% of the revenue generated from these tours will go back into the community of Killin.


I discovered the desire to travel at a young age, and have not looked back since. I’ve always had a passion for travel, and the need to explore; I love touring the world, seeing incredible sites, and learning as much as I could about them. In 2019, I founded Eternal Mountain in the hopes of inspiring others to be curious about the world.

As a professional eco-tour guide, I excel at helping you plan your perfect vacation. Not just any vacation, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences. I believe in seeing the world in the most unique way possible, and I want to share my knowledge and passion for travel and tourism with all of those whom I guide.

Note to walker:

Most of my walks are relaxed and of gentle pace (without time constraints). Depending on the type of tour you wish to take, I can go at any speed and will adapt to your walking pace. 

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