1-on-1 Painting Excursion

£175 - 5 Hours - Subject to Availability

Landscape / Abstract / Watercolour * All Equipment is Provided. 

Whether you are an established artist, or a beginner; this painting excursion is a great way not only to explore the skin of a mountain, but discover more about your own creative potential. Being an artist myself, I will work with you, teach and point out new ways of looking at what you have drawn or painted. Most importantly, make the connection between what you have created (with Nature) and yourself. Ready to embrace, and challenge your creative side? Get in touch, and let's book a date.


Nature Pencil / Ink Drawing

£149 - 2 Hours - Subject to Availability 

Do you have a passion for drawing? Or have never tried, and would like to discover your creative potential? If so, then join me, as we take a tour around the village, finding places to rest, and draw everything that captures your imagination. From the mountains, to a loch, trees, flowers, or insects - all is provided for you. Just bring yourself, a pencil, and a sketchbook.

Man taking images of the beautiful scott

Photographer Excursion


£99 - 2 Hours - Subject to Availability


Are you an inspiring Nature photographer? If so, then this tour is the best option for you. As your guide, I will show you many places of natural beauty that surround the village of Killin, mostly out of sight. Eternal Mountain is ready to serve your every need. Interested? Get in touch.


The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd / Book Discussion


£49 - 1 Hour - Subject to Availability 

Educational discussion about Nan Shepherd's classical book, The Living Mountain. We will analyse the text, debate and attempt to get closer to Shepherd's philosophical perspective on mountain.

"To aim for the highest point is not the only way to climb a mountain.” 

― Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain


Booking Information - All Tours

eternalmountaintour@gmail.com / Mobile: 07745053344