Creative Walking I: Writing




1 Day

About the Course

Writing about nature is no easy process, furthermore trying to integrate your imagination with your imaginative ideas can prove even harder. All of this takes time, a process that cannot be rushed. But whatever theme and genre you are focused on right now, this course before anything else is about learning how to write from the heart again... the creation of an authentic imagination. If, however, your passion for writing is not necessarily about nature but writing with nature and this practice has recently become appealing to you, then this course is also suitable for you.

Writing with nature brings many benefits, from clarity of mind when thinking and writing (less distractions and noise levels), greater levels of awareness and new creative ideas. Perhaps, even a completely new idea for a book project for example. Therefore, on this creative walking tour, we will discuss your writing project at length, consider multiple choices about the direction of your project and of course have plenty of opportunities to write on the day. You will write beside mountains, streams and lochs. And also, with the chance to observe the local wildlife of Breadalbane. All of these beautiful moments add up to when the moment becomes essential for you to write it down – this is your chance to bathe in nature whilst writing in a mindful way of your surrounding environment.

  • Various siteseeing opportunities on the day

  • Maintain fitness and mental health

  • Taster experience of mindfulness

  • Food and hot drinks can be provided

  • Suitable for beginners

Your Instructor

Patrick Phillips

Born in Truro in 1984 and brought up in Lancashire. Patrick now lives and works in a mountain village in Scotland. He is the founder of Eternal Mountain tour guide (representative of nature herself) based in Callander and surrounding communities. In 2003 he attended Huddersfield Technical College and studied BTEC First in Performing Arts. Since graduating he decided to abandon acting to begin a life off-stage, writing musicals (TiE). He is also an occasional lyricist-librettist and successfully wrote in 2015 the lyrics for the song Man Of The Mountains for a new musical Out Of Place at the York New Musical Festival. His latest book, Eternal Mountain: Essays from Afar was published in the summer.

Patrick Phillips