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Historical & Eco Tour Guide of Breadalbane

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Breadalbane - Home of Giants

Killin Stone Circle

Private Village Tour - Morning / Afternoon

£49 pp / per hour - 2 Hours (approx) 


Looking to experience breath-taking scenery with a local viewpoint? If you are, then this short tour is the best option for you. Let me take care of you, as we take a journey from the Stone Circle of Killin, to embrace the powerful energy of Dochart Falls; visit a former meal mill, founded by the Irish, Gaelic-speaking priest St Fillan; stroll to Fingal's Stone, the burial-place of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the great warrior from Celtic mythology. Then explore the ruins of Finlarig Castle and finally to the resting nest of Loch Tay, where we shall learn of the folkloric tale of its origin.

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Achmore Wood & Creag Bhuidhe

£99 for 2 people - 2 Hours (approx)


Do you enjoy walking and being surrounded by trees and beautiful mountain landscapes? Would you like to see a unique view of Loch Tay from a mountain? If so, then this short tour is the best option for you. Join me, as we take a walk through Achmore Wood, once formerly part of the old Breadalbane Estate. And then to Sron a’ Chlachain, translated as 'The nose of the village' to the peak of Creag Bhuidhe, enjoying the many incredible views of Killin and beyond. 


Tirai / "Land of Joy"


£99 for 2 people - 2 Hours (approx) - Exclusive Tour

Come and rediscover the lost world of Tirai, a village once bustling with life in the 19th-century. A place rich in historical 'human activity' for the last 6,000 years. For example, once a spiritual crossing of Christian origin, through the glens of Lochay and Lyon and much more. Beginning our tour at Moirlanich Longhouse, we will take a look around this original cottage and learn of rural family life. From there, we will visit a site made up of Cup and Ring marks (Pre-historic Art from the Neolithic Age) and attempt to trace out their intrinsic meaning. And then, within a few minutes having arrived at the village of Tirai, we will learn about its history and the standing stone, The Calling Stone, placed at the centre of the village. Come and be part of its history by bearing witness, bringing all that you see back to life.

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Dark Skies at Loch Tay - Night Walk

£149 - 2 Hours

Come and experience the beauty of a mountain village sky at night. Away from urban lights, look up instead to a clear sky and witness the eternity and wonder of our dark skies. Listen out for the many different animal sounds surrounding you, as we take a walk through Wilderness; letting every star that guides you become your deepest wish made true. What are you waiting for?  Let's book a date. 

Seasonal Tours - Autumn

fallsofleny eternalmountain walking tour guide callander

Falls of Leny

£99 for 2 people - 2 Hours (approx) 

Subject to Availability 

Spring is finally here and for many of us it is a time for new beginnings, fresh perspectives on our life's journey and the creation of new goals. Falls of Leny is therefore not only a beautiful waterfall to visit, but upon arrival one is surrounded by an atmosphere of rejuvenation and tranquility (contributing to the quality of your life). On a hot day, one feels to be elsewhere, that one could be in Greece or Spain standing in a such landscape. Its subtle blend of woodland trees, river bank flowers and giant rocks - there is so much to explore and enjoy here. Callander, truly is the edge of eternity (more than just a"gateway to the highlands"). Beginning our tour from the centre of Callander, we will take a gentle walk along an old railway line and find another hidden gem of Nature waiting for your discovery. Interested in booking? Get in touch.


Booking Information - All Tours / Mobile: 07745053344

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“Walking thus, hour after hour, the senses keyed, one walks the flesh transparent. But no metaphor, transparent, or light as air, is adequate. The body is not made negligible, but paramount. Flesh is not annihilated but fulfilled. One is not bodiless, but essential body.” 

― Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain

 “Thank you for offering a cure, one trek at a time."

Marcia Bjornerud, author of Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World


Killin Hotel, Killin, Perthshire, FK21 8TP


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